Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Manet 1873 'Ball at the Opera'

Yesterday was one of those beautiful days, big thick fluffy white snowflakes fell in the morning and gave way to a brilliant clear blue New England sky. I love snow on bright sunny days! The air is crisp and fresh and the sun on your hair feels wonderful after days of damp cold and muted grey skies. This, followed by an inky black night with stars as bright as diamonds and a full moon which lit a still blue stage of snow and forest, are the days I live for.
I don't suppose to know much about Manet, but what attracted me to this painting was the large black void painted in the front. The chatter created by the numerous hats is stilled by this large flat area of dark and instead of drawing one in it seems to reflect and serve as the origin of all the buzz and chatter created around it. I especially like the woman in the mask, aglow within the surrounding darkness. The faces remind me of the bright stars set off by my dark vineyard night. And that one red boot hanging over the railing... a scene better staged than the opera itself!

Also, a huge thank you to Penguin & Fish for posting me on her beautiful blog! Love her cats and the artists she showcases are great! Much love!