Saturday, January 31, 2009

Van Gogh and Pirate Cat Strike Again!

Currently available in my etsy shop Jamie's Cats
"Van Gogh and Pirate Cat avec Joie de Vivre!"

Now's your chance to own these little guys and enjoy their lust for life! (as the movie biography of Van Gogh is so aptly named...)
~I've listed it under 'Art Card' as it can be used as a card or stand on it's own, (I have a hard time labeling my work as just a card when they're really all works of art and can be framed!)

ok this re-posting of Van Gogh and Pirate Cat has inspired me to create some new works! Check out a few below...

Van Gogh and Pirate Cat steal tomatoes from the farmers field to make salad nicoise!

Van Gogh and Pirate Cat get tossed on Absinthe

Stay tuned for more adventures!


Tara said...

Love your cats! Nutella is on our daily is best as a sandwich filling between 2 sugar cookies, don't you think? I have seen the lg nutella in Chelsea market--to die for!

april said...

Cute Cute kitties!

Purple Flowers said...

Very funny cats.
Nutella is also great on toast w/thinly sliced banana. The choices are endless.

stephanie levy said...

These are fun!!