Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Modern Art Think White Frames

ok I'm being totally irresponsible blogging, googling and oodling online while my husband watches This Old House (far more practical and useful I'm sure!) but for some reason I remembered this Damien Hirst piece I'd seen in Domino's book (Domino: The Book of Decorating: A room-to-room Guide to creating a home that makes you happy) and wanted to look it up. I had seen it at the bookstore and kept going back and back just to look at this one photo!

I'm completely in love with white frames for modern art and I feel the style and arrangement of work is executed perfectly here. Salon or academy style hanging of art is soooo au courant! I think it sets off the room and space here just right, and I love the clear table and white furniture which is so beautifully understated and allows the art to shine. However all that gloss wouldn't work without that matte dark exposed beam ceiling!
A Damien Hirst hangs above a French sofa in Johnson Hartig's living room. Photographed by Paul Costello for Domino Magazine September 2007.)

I found this image via Brilliant Asylum's wonderful blog and her posting about living with contemporary art is great- check it out here (if you haven't seen it already!)

I'm blatantly re-posting her favorite tips from gallery owner Emily Amy - all good stuff which could use re-stating for emphasis! I also love Emily's blog and her recent quote by Georg Baselitz who, when confronted with his exorbitant sales prices in the 1980's, said "What is better than a painting. Nothing." Love it! Check out her blog here.

Some great tips on collecting contemporary art:
  • Emerging artists are not necessarily less talented than established artist, and they usually cost less too!
  • Go with your gut when you are choosing art. Let it elicit an emotional response in you, and when it does, you will know it is right.
  • Works on paper are always a great option when a little money needs to go a long way.
  • Don't listen to the "rules," if you want to collect several pieces by the same artist, go ahead--it's your collection.
  • Start small: if you can't afford large paintings, then buy small ones. They often have the same effect.
  • Buy local - Whether it is a local artist or a local gallery, you will likely feel more of a connection with the piece and you will be supporting your local talent!
More advice and art here.

Good to keep in mind with all these great emerging artist floating around here online...
Have a good night! It's back to Monster Quest on tv now...


drollgirl said...

fantastic post!!!! i love yer blog. can't wait to see what you do next.

and thanks for stopping by my blog. i haven't seen john currin's ink drawings, and i am going to check them out. thank you for the tip!

Randomocity said...

Fantastic entry! Good to know some guidelines of local collecting.

Rosa said...

i've recently started my collection-i don't think there's any reason to be afraid of it (as most people seem to be!) it's cool to get familiar with galleries that consistantly show affordable but good work. Limoncello Gallery (in London) is one of my faves :)