Monday, February 2, 2009

Le Artiste Anne Harwell

English Salon by anne harwell.
English Salon

Villa Borghese Gardens by anne harwell.
Villa Borghese Gardens
trellis back chair by anne harwell.
Trellis Back Chair

I love the light and playful work of Anne of Annechovie! She recently posted a wonderful post about my cats and I must share her beautiful illustrations with you here! I love the warm pastels and bright pinks, the detailed and carefree brushwork and the simplification of complex patterns that remind me of Matisse. Her chairs are like portraits, each having it's own personality and her interiors caught my eye with their openess and bright cake-frosting like colors!
You can purchase her work at her shop
or request a commission (a portrait of your home, interior, or favorite chair!) To find out more visit her wonderful blog and say hello!


Julia said...

You're right, her chairs ARE like portraits! I love them!

hello gorgeous said...

I have one of her chairs. Love it!

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

these are great!!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I love Anne and her beautiful artwork!

Karena said...

Yes, I also have one of her chairs framed on my living room bookshelf. I love her art! Your is very fun and whimsical!