Monday, February 9, 2009

Pay what you want!

This week only! Pay what you want for this little zine "Le Mini Chat"! Seriously! Just click the donate button on the right side of my blog, enter your donation amount, make sure you address is included (or e-mail me it to me!) and I'll send this little guy along. My valentines special for you! I love getting things in the mail don't you?!

More info: This is a 15 page black and white photocopied zine. It is hand cut and glued in accordion style. It is in an edition of 50 and hand signed and numbered. Appox. 3 x 4 in.

This is for the first 15 copies only, if you live outside of the U.S. please add a little extra for shipping!

A la the style of Radiohead who started the idea 'pay what you want' for their album
In Rainbows! At first I thought it was Coldplay who had started this but then recalled it was Thom Yorke and his guys, oh well here's my drawing of Chris Martin anyways.... ( I must have got it mixed up via all the grammy hype from last night!)

Enjoy! Special ends Sunday....


Julia said...

How fabulous!

giulia said...

That is so sweet, Jamie. I'll make sure to let people know about your offer tonight/tomorrow.

Alas, certain no-current-contract human rights writers are collecting quarters for laundry & coming up short (eek). So, not this time. But full-price, some day!

And I love the Chris Martin drawing. GG/Julie & I were dancing/whirling around last night during the performance...didn't watch the whole show but that part we did.

Have a great evening!
xo, Susan

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's awesome. I wish I was in the states for offers like this :)