Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stump Wins Best In Show!


Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Stump, a Sussex Spaniel wins best in show!
After almost dying in 2004 and making a miraculous recovery, Stump had a triumphant comeback tonight winning best in show, the oldest dog to ever take the title! His owner claims he'd just been laying around being a dog for the last five years, pretty good for taking the win!
Tom and I got the chance to go to the Westminster Show last year and it was crazy! Watching it on TV tonight I just kept saying I can't believe we were there! (Even though we had contemplated scalping our tickets at the door...what with me being such a cat person and all! Plus we were constantly peeping out of the corner of our eyes for NYPD's finest to stall our scalping maneuvers...)
I'd seen the movie Best In Show and had always wondered if the owners were really as crazy as they portrayed them in the movie! Let's just say the dog owners and the audience really know their dogs! We got to stand on the green floor, right up on the sideline to watch the short hair Dachshunds and Blood Hounds. What I remember most though was the giant bowl of candy they had on the judges table (inches from where we were standing and very tempting...) but alas only the judges and owners got to gobble that up! And like the dogs, all the handlers and judges looked well fed too, maybe too much of that candy!
Yay Stump! Catch him on the Today Show tomorrow! I'm sure he'll be everywhere, although Tiger the Irish Deerhound and Lincoln the Brussels Griffon were my secret faves and Uno will always have a place in my heart!


drollgirl said...

that stump is ADORABLE!!!!!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

SO cute!

Joyce said...

A very beauty of a dog.

Chrisy said...

Oh it's a hoot isn't it...another world!

Julia said...

I have a friend who used to show her dogs, she said that that connection with the dog is really intense. They think and move with each other--pretty cool!

please sir said...

Awww adorable - what a great show!

Pigtown-Design said...

irish deerhound! those things are HUUUUUGE! That Stump is a cutie.