Monday, February 16, 2009


So after wandering around SoHo all day, the most interesting thing we saw was this photography book at Taschen called Wirtschaftswunder or "Economic Miracle". A complete insiders view to the cultural practices of Post-World War II reconstructed Germany, I especially love the beetle! Have never seen such a large collection of photographs quite like these before...
Check it out!
Cheers from NYC
Josef Heinrich Darchinger, Wirtschaftswunder
Josef Heinrich Darchinger, Wirtschaftswunder 4Josef Heinrich Darchinger, Wirtschaftswunder 2
Read more here at Taschen
(Note I'm not on my computer so can't quite figure out how to shrink the photos so they've come out a little squished to fit! Check the website for a better view!)


Joyce said...

The pictures in the book look neat. Yes the beetle is cute! Thanks for sharing while you are in NY. Enjoy!

Julia said...

It's so cool :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I love old beetles. My mom had one of the originals when she was young and always talks about them with great memories. Plus, they're adorable.