Monday, March 16, 2009

16GB iPod touch for sale!

8GB iPod touch
I'm selling my new iPod touch! Received as a Christmas present and only used once! It's such a cool design piece I am sad to part with it but I never use it and it just sits in my drawer! Now's your chance to rock out to your favorite tunes in style and access the internet from anywhere- good if you're on the move and need to stay connected with customers, family and friends (twitter on the go!) I would love to own this if I was in the city but out here on the Vineyard there is not much use for me! (The only time I used it was sitting in line to catch the ferry and it was so cool to access my etsy shop and get my e-mail while waiting!)
Visit the apple store here for more info- retails for $299
Contact me if interested in purchase

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