Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is in the air, like the birds, take flight

Katsuyo Kamo head dress, photo found via eccoeco

jonathanfisher:  sebastienne:  thethinkingtank: (via daieny)

photo found here

Lucky Feather- silver by ThePaperApartment

I LOVE these feathers!


Julia said...

What a mesmerizing post! I love that headress!

drollgirl said...

THE BIRDS! that first pic is just WILD.

elisabeth said...

Not feeling it yet!
And those seagulls must be Corey Arnold -- almost gave my husband this print for our wedding (we didn't actually give each other anything).

Sonja said...

That head dress is so neat... wearable art!
I like your pairing of feathered things, too. Nice post.