Thursday, April 16, 2009

After Rubens 2

After Rubens 2, originally uploaded by jamieshelman.

aka Mrs. Brant
Tom's been reading Rembrandt's Eyes by Simon Schama which has a large lead in chapter on period paintings by P.P. Rubens. I especially love the ruffled collars and extreme costuming- it's like haute couture on everyday people (and now on my cats!)


cindy : quaint said...

he is a most regal cat.

g. said...

He is flushed? I love it!

annechovie said...

This is perfect! Love the elaborate costume on your cat, Jamie. Have a nice weekend!

Heather said...

Love it!!

giulia said...

How wonderful. Julie the Cat must have one! I must get more work, then.

Simon S. had an interesting series a few years ago on PBS that I enjoyed. Can't remember name of series...but excellent, well-written, & so on. Had read him before then but not seen.

Good weekend. You've not posted today (that I know) but you must be drawing. ciao