Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Dress

A young daughter of the Picts, c. 1580s?
attributed to or after Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues
Floral print sheets from Porthault via Domino Magazine
Topshop floral prints

I found the first image while browsing the art collection at the library and was interested to see how this floral print, circa 1580, has seemingly been replicated in modern fashion and design. Mankind/womankind have always loved nature even going to the point of reproducing the flowers that surround them and wearing them as clothing. I know I'd love a floral print dress and a dutch bike with chain guard and cruise across the bridges of Amsterdam (or maybe even NYC...) so cliche but classics never die! The found image of the Pictish tribal woman c.1580 would alone inspire me to wear florals even I had never seen them before! Celebrate the Earth- wear it and get out into it!
via ablackbike


cindy : quaint said...

yes, mam! i love the florals and the bicycle.

Chessa! said...

love love love! I love those florals. I have to get myself to topshop asap! and I'm loving bikes lately:)

Ina J Offret said...

Love the dress from the 1500s and the two sassy flowers strategically placed at the bosom! Also love love the shoes in the lower right picture. Thanks Jamie for the lovely post today. I enjoyed it very much!