Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Model as Muse in Contemporary Art

Detail Image
Chantal Joffe @ Cheim & Read, NYC

There are a few great exhibitions up in NYC right now worth seeing, all working off the theme of "Model As Muse". 
I've linked their galleries below, worth checking out online if you can't see the work in person!

BIlly Sullivan @  Nicole Klagsbrun
Alex Katz @  Pace Wildenstein
Marylin Minter @ Salon 94
Alice Neel @ David Zwirner

Love the painting above of the model Gemma Ward. Reminds me of when we saw her shopping at Whole Foods with her mom on the LES. She was gigantic in an ape-like sweater and I couldn't get over how tall she was! Check out Tom's painting of Gemma here
BTW we also saw Daria Werbovy at the same Whole Foods on a different occasion. What's with the Whole Foods attracting models like flies? Must be the Evian and Greek yogurt...

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vicki archer said...

Gorgeous painting, xv.