Monday, June 15, 2009

European Window Cat

European Window Cat, originally uploaded by jamieshelman.

Tom says all cats are window cats but I especially love his line for this little guy- A manic depressive with an uncontrollable attraction to magnificence!
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Joyce said...

very cute my friend! xoxo

Ina in Alaska said...

When I am out walking my dogs I always look in the house windows to see if any cats are peeking out at us! Cats are vey confident!! I also like to walk the pups in the early morning and sniff the air to see what everyone is cooking for breakfast. Recent smells: bacon, pancakes, coffee!!

Susi said...

I cam e here because of Joyce!
--she asked me to say HI but I see that she has been here too! Anyway a HI from Joyce!--

really nice art, I'm into cats too!!

Anonymous said...

hehehe, awwwwww, cats are so great, and yes I think they are all window-lovers :)