Thursday, July 2, 2009

Strawberries (stemless)

strawberries (stemless), originally uploaded by jamieshelman.

or as Tom calls them everythingless, I must be craving simplicity! Keeping with the Wimbledon theme, more strawberries! Off to watch the Venus vs. Safina match, riding out freakish thunderstorm -lightning strike right outside our window! remaining calm... eek!


Ina in Alaska said...

Too bad the new Wimbledon roof cannot expand over your realm and make it a bit dryer for you.

PS Love the strawberries!! I have Brits coming over for dinner tonight (Amy's mom and dad and sister, brother-in-law and their baby) They are leaving for London on Friday morning. :(

Go Andy Murray!! :D)

Anonymous said...

Yay strawberries! Like Asian brushwork, very simple and beautiful.

btw, I would love it if you would pop on by my blog and tell us: "What do you want?"

Have a lovely 4th,

caramela said...

Love your work- I am craving for simplicity as well- so I can totally empathize-