Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Things to Prevent F.O.R.D.

F.O.R.D., originally uploaded by jamieshelman.

Don't end up like F.O.R.D. (Found On Rug Dead) 5 things to eat daily that could stop a F.O.R.D. from entering your life...

1. Garlic (raw- 1 clove, chopped and swallowed whole- don't chew stinky poo!) Immune system booster and good for your heart and vascular health.
2. Local Honey (the more local the better- squeeze a bee!) Good for allergy resistance and immune boost.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar (1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water) Good for arthritis, said to decalcify the joints! Plus helps to regulate blood pH balance.
4. Dark Chocolate (the darker the better- high Cocoa content- think Lindt 85% Dark 1 ounce or less) Good for heart health and mood- known to change neurochemistry.
5. Ginger- Candied or powdered in cereal, aids in digestion and inflamation. Think Gin-Gins!

(6. Cinnamon) - Good for recovery from exercise and immune system. Good in oatmeal or mixed into your cereal!

Remember no cinnabuns, no sugar, no ginger beer- keep it plain and simple and eat these raw!

I know there are many more foods to prevent a F.O.R.D. (blueberries, salmon etc.) but these are simple and easy to incorporate daily, non-seasonal and available year round!

psst F.O.R.D. is just sleeping...


Ina in Alaska said...

I just love candied ginger!! And have been meaning to pick up some local honey too.

cindy said...

i didn't know about the apple cider vinegar and must get some. your list sounds very do-able as i would really like to avoid f.o.r.d. for as long as possible.

giulia said...

Thanks for the reminders, Jamie. I, too, would like to avoid f.o.r.d. as long as possible!