Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cats on bikes

cat cyclist by you.

Cat Cyclist
by jamieshelman

Due to the overwhelming demand for art featuring cats on bikes I've recently added a new gem to the shop! Part of my new series of cycling cats (see more here) inspired by the Tour de France and my love of bikes and cats. A signature style and raison d'etre, sure to strike a chord even with SUV driving dog lovers.  Lance said it's not about the bike, I'd say it's not about the cat, or is it?....
Meet the competition:

Cat riding bike by rosiesnumberoneboy.

This illustration comes from a little book called 'Where have you been?' by Margaret Brown. Published in 1952 by Scholastic in the USA. The pictures are by Barbara Cooney. Uploaded by rosiesnumberoneboy

Cute but where's the modern flair, the stylistic ingenuity, stop playing it safe Margaret! "Where have you been?" To a bad art school...

Cats on Bikes Alfred Mainzer (Eugen Hurtong)

This vintage postcard found via
I must admit the expressions, high drama and sense of danger are priceless in this work, note to self- the imminent threat of death by cycling always makes for an intriguing work of art, especially when there's baby cats in carriages with the wheel ripped off (those reckless maniacs!) and only the cats are worthy of human status, the pig is still a pig, the cats achieve deity!

I found this cycling cat mouse pad over at zazzle (note it's also available as a t-shirt, yes!) and is a definite Christmas stocking stuffer! I'm assuming the cats have such an incredible sense of balance that they don't even have to open their eyes, those cocky bastards!

'the black cat' - vintage poster by Jane Diamond.

This vintage poster found via flickr by Jane Diamond freaks me out! It borders on being racist, Uncle Ben? It's apparent that he does have a great sense of balance and athletic ability- note the coasting position on the cruiser pegs, nice!

Another maniac cat set loose on a high wheeler, all to common place ... 

So when you're searching for your next artwork of a cat on a bike don't F around go straight to the source! You know who knows.

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cindy said...

i'm sorry, but i like your cats on bikes the bestest!