Saturday, August 8, 2009

We heart Julia Child

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Currently watching The French Chef re-runs on PBS - must be Julia Child weekend! Saw the movie Julia & Julie last night with a packed audience, laughing and crying - emotions of all colors, even anger at a poorly aimed projector that left the characters headless for an ensuing 5 minutes and set the audience fuming in what felt like the beginnings of the French Revolution!
Having read both Julia & Julie and the Julia Child biography My Life in France (I would highly recommend!) it was fun to watch Meryl Streep capture the jubilant spirit and passion of Julia, with many enthusiastic Bonjours and much tottering around intoxicated by life!

If only all of life's problems could be solved with a home cooked rotisserie chicken or the perfect souffle, a book deal and a major motion picture contract! Cest la vie!

Bon appetite!


Stacy said...

I want to see this movie sooo badly! I don't think I can wait any longer after reading this post. Thanks for your review.

hello gorgeous said...

I saw it and loved it. Read the book and have sent for a copy of My Life in France.

cindy said...

we saw the movie and absolutely, positively loved it! i'm going to look into julia's book, now. your illustration is wonderful. bonJOUR!

giulia said...


I saw on the weekend & loved it. Read My Life in France when it first came out but reread. Had a wonderful time...

This drawing is delightful. You are tempting us mightily:)