Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainbow toe socks love

Recently purchased and blogged about Rainbow toe socks kitty, I had to share:

Rainbow toe socks

I am a collector of happy things. When I saw this on Etsy this morning I knew that I needed it. $25 for something that will improve the way I feel every time I see it?  $25 for something that holds the promise of peace (because who could ever argue with their husband or their mother in the presence of a cat proudly modeling his rainbow toe socks?) and harmony in my home? I hit the buy button so fast that I gave myself a little neck spasm.
-Heather Ross

Rainbow toe socks 2

Rainbow toe socks cat 2, just listed!


zoetropa said...

so cute! :)

cindy said...

awesome ... heather ross is wonderful. i can understand why she would love your rainbow toe socks.

annechovie said...

I love this, Jamie! You always make me smile with your sense of humor and sketches. Thanks for your comment - glad you saw the article.

Cut Copy Create said...

ahhhh so cute!!!!!