Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Wrapper-upper

Stumptown Coffee, Ace Hotel, W 29th St by Arancia Project.
vintage 1960s MARASCHINO Fair Isle Sweater
Nice goats by will_davies.
This has been a bit of a crazy week, probably too much time spent online updating my new Special editions shop, reconnecting with internet peeps, discovering great new shops and amazing coffee, dreaming of travels to France and the Swiss Alps for the holidays (or maybe even permanently at this point!) and super excited about Halloween (Dance Macabre has been on repeat for the last 2 days!) Add two gray blustery days of wind and rain to the mix, crazy could be peeking it's head around the corner! Going to float my head off into a child's version of Halloween and let the Halloween Judge figure out the rest...

The Halloween Judge

Where my thoughts have wandered...

1.Stumptown Coffee, Ace Hotel, NYC photo by Arancia Project

3. Vintage 1960s MARASCHINO Fair Isle Sweater by DearGoldenVintage

4. Nice Goats by will_davies

5. The Halloween Judge, by moi! featured on We Say Meow


cindy said...

your cats look wonderful over on the other blog and i loved seeing your real cat. we love stumptown coffee, but have never been to that hotel - looks cool. and, i'll take that sweater, please. enjoy your weekend!

miss moose said...

I adore your art and your blog :)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i love this little cross section of your brain ms. thang.