Monday, October 26, 2009

Print Love and the Art of the Display

beautiful conifers... by caseybaudoin.
photo and display by caseybaudoin

Art Wall Updated by Chez Larsson.
photo and display by chez Larsson

Where We LiveWhere We Live by Amy Blackwell

Wall of curiosities by Geninne.
photo and display by Geninne
Print by Camilla Engman

Loving and having art is not done after the purchase, careful thought and consideration must be given to framing and hanging! I love all these prints but I really love the care and attention given by those who purchased them!

Do you have a work by me or Tom displayed proudly somewhere in your house? If so please share! I've put together a new flickr group called
The Dancing Cat just for this! You guys make the work sing!


Julia said...

Okay, all of these illustrations have me eager to go peruse their shops so I can purchase such fun little happies!

cindy said...

i love the use of the hanger!