Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thos. Moser

 We made the trek to Georgetown today and I fell in love with the furniture of Thomas Moser! Tom has known about his work for sometime and it was amazing to see in person. Thos. Moser is based in Maine and started by modernizing classic chair designs beginning with variations of the Windsor chair and colonial designs and moving to French provincial and different varieties now, it's basically like sculpture. The finely turned stays in the high back of the Windsor-esque high back rocker almost sung when picked up, like a finely made musical instrument. I'd fill a room with just his chairs! See more here and if the furniture's not in your budget quite yet check out his book Thos. Moser: Artistry in Wood which has some great chair pre-drawings and studio shots. (plus if your in NYC stop by his shop in SoHo on Wooster street and pick up a chair for me!)


Scott W @ Thos. Moser said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jamie! We always appreciate the support, especially coming from a RISD grad! We just posted a link to this at our blog:

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