Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coco avant cancer

We finally saw Coco Avant Chanel A lot of classic French cigarette addiction to gauloises and Gitanes, very invasive am going for chest x-rays next week. The cinematography and visuals of the movie were very engaging although the screenplay and acting seemed to stereotype some of the situations in Chanel's early life, ie young ambitious orphaned ingenue meets zirtee old man (both played to the stereotypical max) and becomes booming success via her compromises with the filthy beast. Don't know if the reality was this cut and dried. In the end the visuals of the dreamy summer haze filled French countryside, vintage cars, and of course Chanel's classic haute couture clothing lines rescued the movie from its straight forward presentation of her life's circumstances. 
Here's a soundtrack clip from the movie Coco singing l'Trocadero
If you feel a need to smoke when the movie is over please resist!