Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The September Issue

Grace by Tom
After long anticipation and much waiting the movie The September Issue just happened to pop up at our backwoods theatre in Vineyard Haven, not so backwoods after all! The movie was not in any way disappointing, (which is odd to say for a movie, usually more disappointments than pleasant surprises!) The first impression is that it's just for fashionistas, but it's not. If you have any patience, which I sense that few people do, and any interest in intense personal interactions, the tensions between head editor Anna Wintour and fashion editor Grace Coddington are a masterpiece in the act of orchestrating different sensibilities to bring out a very high-end single package ie Vogue.  Beneath all the glamour the true value lies in all the movie's captured fine details, a twisted corner of the mouth by Wintour or a cough and raised eyebrow by Coddington are priceless non-spoken indicators of the condition which brings about what we see every month in Vogue. The September Issue is very revealing and intensely entertaining when picking up on the details, get past the big steak of Fashion and find the true morsel of carmelized gravy that lies in its nuances. Very much like the magazine, scan the advertising and hunt for the gems buried in the glop. But it is such pretty glop.


caramela said...

So I am curious to see this now- what is glamour anyway? I have always been jealous of women who can keep their hair under such control...!
Love those cats of yours though- very clever...and I am finding that the more I see them the more I enjoy them- which is quite something -isn't it?!
Annamaria ;)

cindy said...

thank you for the review and for pointing out those details. i'll play close attention when we see it.

Anonymous said...

The September Issue is a documentary movie.Vogue has been the most powerful and best-respected fashion magazine in the world for decades, and each year the journal devotes a fall issue to the designs and designers that the editors feel will be influential in the coming year. The September 2007 issue of Vogue, that year's annual Fall Fashion issue, became the biggest single issue in the magazine's long history. You can Download the september issue movie from this website..

Iheartfashion said...

I loved The September Issue. My admiration for Grace Coddington only grew after watching her at work. And Tom's painting of her is amazing!