Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's so wonderful about any f-ing weekend if it doesn't involve winning the lottery?!

poop! by moggierocket

Flapjack sunning himself by fenlandsnapper

Pet my belly by UNIFORM Studio

These cats will waste your money on scratchoffs and miniatures!

ps this weeks giveaway winner (via random number generator) is Bonbon Oiseau! woohoo!


katy elliott said...

I have a flapjack twin. His name is jack.

Ingrid Gomez said...

I love cats... but I don't have one! It's so sad!

Ingrid Gomez said...
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cindy said...

have a good weekend - meow!

Anisa said...

Cat's that have a gambling problem crack me up!

giulia said...

ciao-meow, Jamie & Maeve.