Thursday, December 17, 2009

Van Gogh and Pirate Cat bring in the New Year

I love the saturation and colors in this little print, remember Van Gogh and Pirate Cat? Who could forget! Things are gettin pretty festive- find these two clowns over here. Think they might make a fantastic New Years gift?

Plus I'm having some awesome sales in my shop through New Years, (only 4 Dutch Bicycle Prints left!!) stop by and check it out!
And my 2010 Cat Calendar is on sale now (only 5 left!) Order by Dec. 19th to receive before New Years!

and finally find one little cocker spaniel driving le mini print at my Supermarket store here

So much going on! Stay tuned, Yeti may yet make another guest appearance.. in the meantime I might jump in the snow with these two cats and join the celebration of holiday cheer!

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