Friday, January 8, 2010

Current library inventory

Along with our usual stack of magazines (the newest being Paris Vogue -including a risque calendar of femme fatales- see for yourself if you can stand the heat, and newsstand cost! - which may be even more heat filled!) our library includes:

The Road by Cormac McCarthy
We couldn't bring ourselves to watch the movie yet, too bleak! We decided to pick up the book instead so we didn't have to commit to two hours of having our hand held on the stove burner. Although we like Viggo Mortenson and his life ethic (real time doesn't exist and eating roadkill- wooo!) Cormac McCarthy's dialogue sets and image producing descriptions make the book a total joy to read.

The Vikings by Robert Ferguson
Factual recount of what is a new assumption that there was indeed a Viking era in Scandinavia. There was a period where raiding and pillaging foreign lands had a definable beginning and end. An exploration of a new thought or discovery. (the Vikings were even out here on the Vineyard! eek!- They called it New Vineland due to the finding of wild grapes- I think I saw some, I'm mean grapes not Vikings! of the Concord variety...)

We Two by Gillian Gill 
Inspired by our recent viewing of the film The Young Victoria,  we were moved to pick up the book We Two, a written account of Victoria and Albert more detailed and intense than the romantic lightweight (although thoroughly enjoyable!) movie version. We're in the first chapters digging through a lot of Philips and Charles, Dukes and Duchessess, Fergies, Fredericas and the like. A list of possible suitors, men shaped like potatoes with stuck in toothpicks for arms, balding heads and fifty something acne, no wonder she choose Albert! As well as details of her birth and early circumstances.

Russian and Slavic fairy tales of the authors invention. Modern and humorously dark, retelling of Russian classics with the usual moral implants and guidelines for ones life. Read these to your babies at night and you may have to leave their lights on for the rest of their adult lives!

Our attempts to read these all at once has left us in a Victorian tailspin, with treacherous beginnings and hopeful outcomes!

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