Friday, January 15, 2010

Life, believe, is not a dream

I recently had the pleasure of coming across the poems of Charlotte Bronte (of whom Elizabeth Gaskell, the author of Cranford, was well acquainted and even wrote a biography about!) and oh what a treat! Her poems liken to the trinkets of a small charm bracelet that tinkle when they hit. Light and airy, quick little reads. (Although I am quite aware that the wearer of the charm bracelet has never held a sword) I enjoy the size of the book which could be slipped in one's pocket and read by a warm fire. Each poem a found polished stone that you place on the windowsill and admire with secret indulgence.
To see the poem Winter Stores, featured below, in full check here (I think blogger is cutting off the image)

If you search for a collection of Charlotte's poems I would recommend looking for a vintage copy for the complete experience! 

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Giulia said...

Oh Jamie, how wonderful. This was guaranteed to make me happy this evening. I know the poems but do not have a vintage copy & I will put on my books-to-look-for when I go out hunting.