Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pete the pine tree and the bad teeth woods

So kids brush your teeth or you'll look like Pete and Bernard the mute!
Inspired by Little Alouette's contest to name the woodland animals we felt sorry for the pine tree which wasn't asked to be named and after all he's the one that the little toys are made out of! So we've taken it upon ourselves to champion his cause. Introducing Pete the Pine Tree and the Bad Teeth Woods! We don't have it all fleshed out yet but we expect a very deep journey into these dark and scary woods. Expect such characters as:

der Wald Meister (the woods master)
He patrols the woods and makes sure everything's in order, including his poorly made coat, a burberry knock-off.

Otto the owl, plagued by teutonic darkness and Freudian afflictions.

Merv the Mountain, overly emotional and borderline neurotic, after all he is the product of an upheaval.

Kenny the knodel, the game changer!
and many more, all troubled and contributory to the darkness of this story.
Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

(also visit my first post as a new contributor at Pikaland! Yeti's final days as a print in my bigcartel shop, he will be retired this week! And The Bern bears go on holiday just listed in my Supermarket store)


Giulia said...

Wonderful! Looking forward to further developments in the woods.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

WE LOVE YOU! you are the awesome! xoxo

My Owl Barn said...

You are a great storyteller. This is amazing!