Sunday, January 10, 2010

Return to Cranford

Cranford (Masterpiece Theatre) by faith forever.

photo by faith forever

"What this PBS' period-piece sequel may lack in plot it makes up for in great acting."

Read the full LA Times review here

I couldn't agree more!

Tom and I got caught up watching this Masterpiece series only this week a la extensive reruns on PBS but were quickly charmed by the period costumes, scenery and quick wit ("I understand the delicate independence concealed in a refined woman"), it's so damn english I can smell the hoppy ale and cow farts! Can't wait for tonights return!! OH that I would faint whilst waiting!

(Catch previous episodes here)


caramela said...

Fab! I wish they had it here too- my husband and I just spent two months -or more...- watching 'All things great and small'- it was a library copy but now he has gone out and bought the whole thing- we are waiting for it to arrive in our mailbox!
Annamaria :)

cindy said...

we're watching this series for the second time. it's so great and i love how those ladies seem to run around in those dresses quite a bit. our favorite character is mrs. forrester because she is so cute and reminds us of a dear family friend.