Wednesday, February 24, 2010

fluffy pop smack

Saw From Paris With Love last night, this guy had THE biggest waste basket size popcorn bucket we've ever seen, literally you could use it to wash your car once it's empty! It also might work to replace worn out gondola cars on the ski lift at Whistler. Yes it's that big. You could start a small civilization of trolls in it with room for their houses and garden plots. This drawing does not fully translate how big the mother f*#ker was! Even worse he had on a flame retardant many pocketed jacket full of every candy bag known to mankind, literally like the checkout rack at Duane and Reade. Lots of rustling and grunting, sort of like a feral pig in the woods of Alabama. We'll never forget this movie, and it had nothing to do with the movie- know what I'm sayin?? Don't know where more drugs were displayed, in the Pakistani hovels of Paris or 5 rows down...

(don't really want to apologize, it's like when you get thrown a good ball you've gotta run with it...)

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Joyce said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!! I hope your day yesterday was a golden one. Wishing you a year of good wishes to come true. xo