Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hearty farty

the joy of baking cookies by knitalatte11
How to draw cute heart. by mogu.
rosey vanilla marshmallow & chocolate and earl grey hearts by sweetfineday
Much Love by ashleyg
 by abbytrysagain
So while we're being completely buried alive in snow I had time to pull together these lovelies. I love Valentines Day and I especially love drawing hearts! I used to draw hearts over everything, especially when I'd make a mistake in pen I'd scribble a heart over it thinking this would some how make up for the error? Even on my school science project I recall there being a number of glaring scribbled hearts that had nothing to do with science. I still love them and tip my hat to Jim Dine and his gusto for painting large ugly hearts, as well as Jeff Koons for his incredibly seductive heart sculptures. Luckily some of these hearty's above aren't farty unless eaten with a tall glass of milk.. 
ps the red valentine on white is available in ashley's etsy shop here
pss the perfect Valentines day gift I treasure mine!

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