Monday, February 22, 2010

this+this=that Assignment 5

 by ♦Luka Young♦
Cat Conspiracy by Tjflex2
Assignment #5: Cat Packs 
(aka hot steamin cat packs piled high on your plate!)
Run with this beauty!
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I liked Cindy's interpretation of last weeks assignment as extremes, check out her submission here and feel free to work this theme into this weeks assignment as well!
(images above by ♦Luka Young♦ and Tjflex2)

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cindy said...

i added one more for assignment 4. i tried a few things and i'm not thrilled with my results, but gave it a go. it's hard not to to be obvious with that one, so i'll keep it in my craw.

more people should try these, they're good exercises. this one, oy! i don't know any cats other than yours!