Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the deep fragrance of spring!

Lilacs, originally uploaded by jamieshelman.
ok while Tom is laughing at me for my cheesey car dealership ad copy with phrases such as "the deep fragrance of spring" and "fuschia beauty" he has me scaling back my poetic prose which I have so vividly sought to create. I will have to let the photos speak for themselves. After our trek to NYC and days pounding the street (like a cop on his beat, an art cop!) our trip to Winterthur gardens in Wilmington Delaware was incredible, the shapes, colors and smells were overwhelming, a gentle spring rain fell. I was taking shots of one blue bell bud like an Israeli emptying an Uzi, Tom had to rip me away before the heat of the rapid fire melted my camera! I've created a temporary shop entitled 'the flower shop' here to showcase some of our favorite photographs. More to come as I continue to update and edit. We're currently enjoying the company of a chummy black fluffy cat named Nike (who has one shaved arm, a chic style statement!)

More to share later,

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