Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Fat Also Rises

From my latest series Rethinking Ernest or how my fat cat sees the works of Ernest Hemingway.

This drawing got me thinking about hot air balloons and I happened to come across these photographs in a hot air balloon inspired treasury on etsy:
I'll fly away by Sarah Norris
The Owl of Air Polaroid by jerseymaids

I love the vintage grainy quality, reminds me of going to watch the hot air balloon festival as a child!

Now I'm considering what else rises:
yeast in bread, the cream in milk, tensions between warring countries, the sun in the morning, zombies? egos? temperatures?
Feel free to add to my list!


Giulia said...

I love this series... my place right now, dust is matter what I do!


Sara said...

Ooooo Zombies! That's a god one! I was thinking the temperature or smoke. Thanks for featuring my image! : )

phenlythylamine said...

enduring love....
I love tour idea and drawings <3
xx nina

cindy said...

blood pressure! enjoy your weekend!