Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Present but not accounted for

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I've been crazy busy teaching Pikaland Bootcamp (If you're visiting from my course HELLO! and Welcome! I'm having a blast looking at and critiquing art with all of you!) In the meantime the Tour de Suisse has commenced (with an incredible crash today moments before the finish- check it out 2010 Tour de Suisse Stage 4 crash). 

Flag day has come and gone

I've been looking at Dutch tea pots...

pink cuckoo clocks...
image source by FeeMail

smiling books...

image source by miekewillems

side braids...
side braid by kate / for me, for you.
image source by kate / for me, for you

and Warhol's poppies
poppies! by Maddie M..
image source by Maddie M.

Our rest day was spent at the Battle of Gettysburg, (Tom's sisters farm) changing the oil and struggling with a squeaky suspension link on our trusty war horse (aka Maserati) Lily. We rode gallantly through the battle with Lily never once failing us, dodging many a bullet, and in the end succeeding, taking the high ground with an oil change and finely tuned suspension easily in hand.

I'm only just beginning to come up for air with an evenings revival in the garden of Eden (aka Oregon Ridge Nature Center and a whole Old Bay glazed chicken and box full of cinnabons later- feelin fine!)

on my way to a speedy recovery and back to blogger bliss!

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