Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th, watching the Tour and celebrating our freedom

The Sprinkler
the sprinkler by you.
This has been our main source of entertainment, with no television we've endured missing coverage of the world cup, wimbledon, bravo's crappy tv show work of art and the manic dysfunction of 9 by Design but with today's start of The Tour de France the line was drawn in the sand. We had to go mano y mano. Armed with every techno gadget known to man, we completely emptied our local 'Shack' and are buzzing and droning our way to electronic liberation! Our cyber escape from tyranny! So gdamn it computer no more skippy Ibiza disco effect jumping around of the image, we are now fahren im der autobahn (a suppossed faster, smoother video streamer) we'll see in about 45 minutes when the prologue starts in Rotterdam. So auf wiedersehen, bon chance, buenos dias, buonna italia!

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