Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Discover the eggplant wrap

image source: Eudaemonius
you can't garnish away the mean feelings this entree inspires in me. This entree makes me feel like garbage

image source: Sterin
i can just see myself falling down this stairway in my 60's albeit ever so elegantly, as I grab fruitlessly at the banister posts to slow the speed of my frightening descent... one should never lose their grace, or bad taste....

btw the bathroom's inside up the stairs, hope you enjoy the ride down!

The Dancing Cat Block Party continues with bad food and a bad fall!
psst check back later today for another special giveaway!
and if you haven't entered Monday's Giveaway yet do so now! Based on what everyone's bringing to the potluck, sounds like there's going to be a lot of potent potables, there's going to be a key drop at the door, monitored by my cat Thor, you'll only get 'em back if you meow without slurring!

ps if you don't already follow The Dancing Cat on Facebook, do so now, special door prize for facebook fans only later this week :D!

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