Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orange Une

Grilled Peaches
He awakened in his favorite room with his favorite art and tea towel collection

Spent the day frolicing and murdering mice and small animals in the pumpkin patch

then he came home and impulsively ate some day glow gut rot

then vomited by his owner's foot

and finally had a proper meal, meat and taters and veggies with 3 carrots and smushed peas for good digestion (to push it on home)
Good night.

My golden sunset has fallen closer to the horizon and turned into a firey ball of orange, a few of my recent favorite orange images, with twisted story accompanying (in order of appearance): Grilled Peaches by Claudia G. Pearson, Rooster Tea Towel by Leah Duncan, Pumpkin Patch by Cindy {quaint handmade}, Cheetos by Buttons Magee, Sweet Cat by Vivienne Strauss, Dinner project by Astrid


Astrid said...


vivienne strauss said...

adorable! and now I'm totally starving :D

cindy said...

you are very clever, but i think i messed up the link to the pumpkin photo cause i thought it needed some fixing. oops!

LeLo said...

You crack me up.