Saturday, August 28, 2010

Special Giveaway @Pikaland!

* start date: Sept. 5th, 2010

Our fall courses @Pikaland are just around the corner (starting September 5th!!) If you haven't stopped by and checked out our new classes which include the second installment of Making Your Mark AND a course in Visual Journaling do so now! The courses are full of inspiration and ideas to get you creating!
Here's a sneak peek from our Visual Journaling Class:

"Often one on the largest obstacles to overcome when creating a story or plot or new work of art is the need to pre-think the story rather than letting it have an organic origin. Sometimes this puts the brakes on it completely! Nothing happens because you put too much pressure on the work looking completely as you see it in your minds eye, you intimidate yourself with your left brain way of thinking! It's as if you're seeing Mt. Everest as a 29,000 ft tall mountain instead of a series of single steps that happen in an instant and organically. A mountain is intimidating, the steps aren't! First graders don't have this mountain view, children very rarely experience the un-doable (unless an adult instills it in them!). Children attempt things, they learn, they fall down and stand up. For this first weeks assignment we will silence the fearful adult and invite the adventurous child! Discovering new ways of operating and finding out what might be hidden within your left brain adult self!"

Find out more about this course @Pikaland and ENTER TO WIN A SPOT IN A CLASS OF YOUR CHOOSING!


Tabitha said...

I am SO, SO excited.... I can't wait til September 5th! :)

hmstrjam said...

me too Tabitha!