Monday, August 23, 2010

Things that would sell more readily than your artwork

1. Taxidermied cats "I want the mean black one!"
2. Spoons with your name on it
3. Styrene replicas of famous pirates
4. Shoe compasses
5. Sparkly slap wristbands
6. Jars of jolly ranchers
7. Fake elf ears for party occasions
8. Anything you can squeeze out of a can
9. Cattoos for the distinctive cat
10. Dunkin Donut app for your ipod
11. Good Luck bricks delivered by throwing through your window
12. Mood Rings for your toes
13. Crystal pendants held inside a dream catcher
14. Disney Snow White DVD organizer for your SUV's flat screen entertainment center
15. A bag a popsicle sticks
16. Wood paneled box wine cooler for your low cool groovy den
17. Mr. Rabbit bedroom slippers
18. Winnie the Pooh Adult PJs
19. Wind and the Willows toilet paper rolls, avaiable in Mr. Toad, otter and the unforgettable Mr. Badger
20. An I love Barbie Bagel Slicer, wit a schmear
21. These
22. Squirrel guards for your cheaply made lucite bird feeder
23. Lawn flamingos, driveway jockeys, and garden gnomes
24. Shamwow, snuggies, and boopies
25. Anything made in China


gretchenmist said...

this is so tragic!! and funny!

Kitty Kilian said...

Ha ha ha! Especially THESE, yes. What do you mean exactly, you poor artist?