Thursday, September 9, 2010

My desk part 2

image taken @ 2 am (with light from the mothership-- bwrrp beep beep eep!)

My view most days (see flickr page for more details)

The DMV, actually the MVA saga continues, getting strong armed and stolen from by the state of Massachussetts, hours of waiting in person and online, dealing with unprofessional and petty people ACK!!!

PS One last special Dancing Cat Giveaway this week at the lovely City Sage! Stop by and check it out!


Caren Gittleman said...

at least you HAVE a desk! I work at the kitchen table! (hence my girlish figure lol)

Actually I do have a desk but it houses an antiquated computer that is always freezing and locking, soooo until we rectify that situation I steal my husband's laptop!

hmstrjam said...

don't worry we use the kitchen table too for bigger projects!

Jen Appel said...

That's far too bright for 2am!

Love peeking at the desks of others. It's my côté voyeuse.