Sunday, October 3, 2010

Abstract thoughts

I've decided to list my full series of Rainbow Stripes paintings for purchase in my big cartel shop and was able to provide a verbal insight into some of the thought that was felt when creating this series. Read what I had to say below...

Rainbow Stripes no. 1

Appox. 11 x 13 in. Original acrylic painting on paper, signed and dated.

Before drawing my cats I used to create large abstract paintings and in between I made these.

Entitled my 'Rainbow Stripes Series', a exploration of color and light portrayed in bright vertical bands of color, including neon pinks, oranges, and turquoise.

Using acrylic paint I'd layer bands of color, one on top of the other, sort of like weaving with paint, leaving certain colors open to breath and stretch with airy mindfulness and others I'd hurridly hush and make opaque, pillars that allow just the faintest pops of color to shine through and give the work weight and balance.


It's sort of like creating a musical score, the work happens as it's being created, each color and mark a visual note that responds to other colors and marks to make a chord. A bright golden yellow is emphasized by a rich olivey green, or an aqua blue sings with a rich cotton candy pink just peeking from behind it's edge. Each mark and color is brought to life by the color and mark it stands next to. A visual rhythm in vertical lines.

Rainbow Stripes. no. 4

Touch is also important. Like hitting the keys on a piano, when pressed softly a note floats, shimmers and dissipates, filling the air with it's hum. With a hard strike it jars, awakens and excites. Each mark is a note that vibrates and captures an energy, however unlike the ephemeral nature of a piano key being struck, these notes create a lasting impression, a visual record of energies captured in paint.

Really these pieces don't need words to describe them, but thought I'd give you an idea of how each one is made, hopefully like the conductor setting up the premise before each musical piece and then letting the music itself engulf and move you in its own unique way.

Created from a series of 7, each piece is sold separately.
While each piece can be enjoyed on it's own, they compliment each other well when viewed together, like separate movements from the same symphony.
Feel free to contact me for framing options/ideas or more information.

(Many of these works I've been saving to hang in my own home and finally decided they needed to be shared and enjoyed! This is the first time the works have been shown together and available for purchase.)

This series was created in the wintertime on Martha's Vineyard.

You can find this series in my bigcartel shop here. I find the same expression of joy in all my work and hope you do to :D


Vincent said...

I completely understand about your difficulty in talking about your artwork. I know I never seem to be at a loss for words on my blog but that's because I just started my blog this year. The artworks I have the most to say about are the one's I have the most distance from (10, 20 or more years distance). I can usually say a few words about my newest creations but nothing more than how they were created or other technical stuff like that. Any sort of insight into their true meaning eludes me at present. I'm sure I'll have much more meaningful things to say about them in a few years time.

cindy said...

i enjoyed reading your artist's statement and learning more about what inspired your work. it definitely adds another component of depth to the pieces.