Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Finds or Very Ventoux

I still haven't got the layout quite finished for the blog (bear with me!) but wanted to share a few finds.
Rapha Soap
The British cycling gear company Rapha has come out with a new skincare line including Vetoux soap! Named after the infamous mountain in Provence and frequent grueling stage of the Tour de France. You'll know this mountain if you're familiar with Cezannes work, he often painted Ventoux.

And I know we had some class b wine named after this mountain...

btw It mentions you can even wash your leather riding gloves with the same soap!
When I did a flickr search for Cezanne this piece of meat came up as well as this I wonder if you could wash your pet with the same soap and then afterwards wash out the deep lacerations on your forearm he gave you, hmm wonder if one of the ingredients is a pain killer...

We heard an owl last night and picked up some apples yesterday (they were hitch hiking along rte 24 in PA) They looked tired and desperate so we figured it was worth the risk... :D All 24 of them hopped in our back seat, Toms munching on one now, I can hear little death screams!

Image source: backroadshutterbug

Somewhere in the great expanses of America, leaves are starting to change, I think this photo is from Maine, or the view of our backyard in Baltimore...

image source: Rachel Citron
Pumpkins are popping up everywhere!

image source: SWNKDLLR
We're pulling out the stylish cold weather gear...

image source: Minifanfan Eng

hoping for a little luck..

image source: astrovine
and considering purchasing a Vespa!
(more on this later)
As well as last nights cat sleepover, more like a cat walkover- as none of us did much sleeping! We've recently been adopted by the neighbors cat...

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