Monday, November 22, 2010

Before and After

Fall November
Proof time is passing!
Tom is reading Keith Richard's autobiography "Life" And I'm musing on the passage of time via these photos of our street out front. Everything burst into the most beautiful golden yellow before a windstorm (with a localized tornado!) blew them all down. we've been noticing the light changing, lowering it's angle and becoming softer throughout most of the day. Long shadows and long golden streaks of light. Gathered a small feast and took it up to the country to enjoy the slightly warmer and still day, incredibly pleasant to watch the sunset from a bench near an old stone church with beech trees nearby, all in a row. Huge ochre colored corn fields now all cut down, crows and geese migrating overhead. Was really incredible to watch the light change with pink and lavender skies, bright green fields and moody grey trees without their leaves, looked like lace against the hot pinky orange sunset. Found ourselves musing on what would make the best composition if one were to paint the scene! There was a red barn in the distance, "too stereotypical!" the burnt sienna rust color of the beech tree leaves grew redder as the sun went down, especially against the fading blue sky! A horse wandered into the scene, I ask Tom "Would you paint him too?" Yes, but not the geese, too cliche! Musings on the angle of the trees coming at you and the direction of the clouds. "You wouldn't want to paint everything horizontal there would be no way to enter the painting..." Diagonals and angles, compositional elements that draw you in. I had Tom drive slowly back in so I could view the last light reflecting off a small creek, and by the time we got home the full moon was up, golden and spooky and beautiful. 

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Tabitha said...

that sounds truly lovely... happy Thanksgiving to you! :)