Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cloistered Critic

House Cat
He lived in a dangerous world where his greatest threat was the throw pillow.
it's all he knows how to do, threaten a pillow and critique movies. He's inside too much, cat skills= 0

Movies to see (for wit, intelligence, and eccentricities):
The Extra Man (Kevin Kline, NYC, good lines, christmas balls, spastic aboriginal dances in bright blue sweats, NYC as it really is, no kidding, we know!)
Creation (Darwin, pleasantly set at Darwin's home in England, sophisticated adult acting by Paul Bettany and his wife, Jennifer Conelly)
180 South (Patagonia the place and Patagonia the outdoor company, great cinematography, adventure without BS narcissistic hype- like in 127 hrs (read below))

Don't see (unless you like cliche, belly up!):
Crazy Heart (cliche drunken pseudo cowboy unexplainably attracts progressive slutty writer mother with loose drawers)
127 Hours (trapped with over the top pubescent exuberance, wanted to cut my arm off to get out of the theatre. Although it made some big guy cry, I only cried for the loss of my ticket price!)
I'm Still Here (unless you like stupid nudes and defecating in faces)

And in case you're not a movie person but want to curl up with fluffy and the throw pillow, current book recommendations include:
Life- Autobiography of Rolling Stones musician Keith Richard's- Off the cuff genuine humorous recount of Richard's years from childhood through his association with The Rolling Stones.
An Object of Beauty- Steve Martin's new novel centered around the NYC art world circa mid 90's to current and the roller coaster ride that was high end art seen through the eyes of real and fictional creations. Helps if you're an incredibly well informed art aficionado.

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