Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obsessive Ineffective Hygiene

The Bather

Named after the Goddess of victory, our neighbors cat Nike has been schlumphing into our room to do a lick down, you'd think we were the YMCA! His frequent bathing has been the inspiration for a new series of drawings and prints.

I'm bathing and have a starey fixation
I sought to capture the I am crazy and have a starey-eyed primitive fixation while I bathe look in the illustration above. And in the top one his circus contortionist act. Now if I could only figure out a way to add the gulpy slurrpy pig snorts he makes while bathing, I could truly convey the disgust I feel when I witness this! Be disgusted with me, find both these prints @ my etsy shop The Dancing Cat

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Harvest Moon said...

Oh I know, I know! My cat loves to sit next to or near me and constanty washes himself. The slurping, sucking...yuckiness makes me sick!