Monday, November 1, 2010

Saw "I Am Love" SPOILER ALERT: Shrimp dinner destroys family
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I Am Love or...
Chef cooks his way into the pants of a wealthy woman. Should be called "I Am Prepubescently fascinated with nude butt shots and slobber filled kissing" or "Russian Soup triggers brain math that outs a nasty slutty Mommy affair" or "Sweaty Mountain cook boy lures bored Russian transplant housewife to live a life of disease filled poverty in a cave with reflective water" or "Italian Momma's boy should have learned to wear his full face helmet everywhere, not just on his motociclo"or "Cheesy Hindu/Americano fashion designer icon walk on mistako!"

"I look like John Candy with a white fright wig on!"

I Am Love really was like a 16 yr. olds view of adult affairs, lesbians and Mommy whore fires!

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