Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another winning manic presentation

Some other Jamie likes cats


detail of Maine Coon Cat by Jamie Wyeth (limited edition prints available in the gift shop)

On Friday with snow flurries dancing gently through the grey December air we once again visited the Brandywine River Museum to see how Christmas looks in a Wyeth mind. Had the opportunity to hear Andrew Wyeth's grand daughter Victoria Wyeth give 2 stage worthy presentations of both Andrews and his son Jamie's work. Amidst a group of attendees with snow on the roof but we're assuming fire in the oven "fellow art lovers" who watched Victoria with her standard stage projection voice, Carnegie Hall back seats could have picked up on her vibe, we like this. The excitement surrounding the presentation of each painting was like being caught up in a Kansas twister, all those around us swayed back and forth moved by the wind of Victoria's manic exuberance, Helga's naked and Nureyev's dead with makeup streaming off his chalky sweat stained face. As the presentations moved on all in the audience seemed sweat stained as well, mouths agape, heads nodding in raptured agreement, captured by the firey demon in red shoes that is Victoria. A good demon. Here's hoping that all those attending the museum can experience this magical capture and be led powerfully through the works of the Wyeth's by someone who witnessed the power that made them.

Visit on a weekday

*And by the way there's a great moonlit train garden with 2,000 ft. of tracks toot toot!

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Bethany Hissong said...

This is one of my favorite museums but I never heard Victoria's presentation! I'll have to do that next time I go!