Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Swan Evil Swan? C'mon swans don't go there, only with Tchaikovsky and Aronofsky

Just saw Black Swan, had to drive all the way down to DC to see it, was well worth the slow cha cha through the crack riddled neighborhood, weaving between those in rehab and those refusing! The movie was much better than expected and seeing it with a packed Saturday night audience in Georgetown made it even better. Huge laughs, huge cringes, turned heads and covered faces, lots of nail clippings- it was like watching the Gestapo question a recently captured spy, "you vil speak or you vil hurt!" It was disturbingly over the top, which elicited a number of laughs at pivotal moments, we're hoping they were nervous laughs and not an act of sadism. Watching Natalie Portman's character get yanked from  pre-pubescent childhood (although she was in her twenties) to twisted vampish murderess was quite a ride, ballet stuffed animals getting incinerated, leave me alone mommie, sort of like a 100 mile/hr ride down the autobahn with 2 flat tires and musicboxes with ballerinas and stuffed toys flying out of the windows, destination obsessive driven adulthood! Bravo! The movie engages you on a level that has you following the character Nina around like a BFF hoping all turns out well and knowing at the same time that it won't. Aronofsky has a way of freezing all of the actors at the zenith of their desired expression and driving it into the audience like a flaming wreck. The rest is a lot of fast pace and spinning cameras, who's waltzing- me or the dancer? Mirrors and spotlights and darkened backstage, booga booga boo! See zis you vil like zis!

Watch the interview with Natalie and Aronofsky on Charlie Rose here

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cindy said...

so intense ... i can't wait to see it. maybe being a ballerina ain't so great ;)!?