Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Danke, Merci, Mille Grazie NYC!

Had a great time in the city, finally had some time to upload our photos to share!
Our first walk of any length was dusted in snow which had the usual affect of creating magic

The Flatiron building, take that Steiglitz! I'm thinking your photograph needed a little red...

ducks central park
Continued on our northward journey, sort of like Amundsen seeking the Pole. Instead of the Pole we found these mallards in the south pond in Central Park!

ducks @Central Park
Feeding Frenzy
wood duck
Admist all the mallards was a solo sighting of a wood duck!

Wood duck @Central park
He was decked out like a Russian palace without the gaudiness or a Tiffany display window... Beautiful!
Rockefeller center tree being taken down!
We saw the tree in it's last minutes of glory, just before it was taken down.
Washington Square
The tree in Washington Square was still a survivor well into the evening of our long journey.
Washington Square Park tree under the arch
The arch framed the spindly tree surrounded by spot lights and the surreal forms of NYC in the night snow, seemed like a stage setting.
Matisse's Red Studio @MoMa we like MoMa's Friday free masterpieces!
Vincent Black Shadow (with Vespa behind)
Black and white and chrome and measurably deep enamel paint, the Vincent Black Shadow a true design masterpiece, simple and purposeful. Although out of focus in the photo the 1955 Vespa GS150 is the Vincent's equal in simple one stroke acts of design genius.
Squirrel that tried to eat my foccacia and/or bite me @Madison Square Park
New to our list of NYC must sees was Mario Batali's fait accompli, Eataly, everything imaginable surrounding food that is beautiful, delicious, and masterful from Italy. Lavazza, panchetta, Alessi, vino, gelato, foccacia, etc etc times 1,000. Our daily presence bordered on addiction, high end without pretense, Italians don't do pretense, was refreshing after our experience at The Montcler shop in SoHo and The Ace Hotel, can you say bourgeois BS?! Even though temporarily served from Lavazza paper cups, the coffee was far superior to the watery brown nuancey brew from Ace's Stumptown, Ace you've been aced. Even the squirrel knew to hang out near Eataly. He now thrives off of Croccante con Nocciole! Here's a shot of him in full Italian attack mode, lunging for my foccacia!!
Squirrel attack 2
Bulldog tough when it comes to things Italian.
Squirrel attack 3, retreating
Hopes temporarily dashed, he heads towards the next whiff of garlic...
Squirrel coming at me!
Coming at me! Pre-attack foccacia lunge.

Mille Grazie NYC! *Not pictured 3 movies, Somewhere, and a double header 4 hour Mesrine at The Cinema Village, was never bored. A trip to the Brooklyn Brewery, a 3 legged cat, German beer hall lunch, and a fruit fly in our Brit pub ale which engendered drinks on the house!


Katie said...

Beautiful NYC pics! I especially love the mallards and the wood duck you captured.

Caren Gittleman said...

you got some amazing photos!

I also love the duck photos and I am a huge fan of squirrels so I loved that too!

cindy said...

looks like a great trip ... i love the wildlife photos :)!

Bethany Hissong said...

You just made me hungry! Sounds like an incredible time and that duck's colors-- thought it was a fake! Gorgeous!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Matisse's Red Studio is one of my favourite works of his and Im sorry but I still think the squirrel is adorable. Obviously I dont live in NYC but they look very cute in fotos.